• Model Senufo Montsnimba the collection reveals a new mannered producing pens. The mask is unequivocally the product trademark. His Pharaonic character amplifies by geometric motifs in gilt poses around the n mask that brings about more charisma.

  • For centuries, the East traded with Africa via the caravan routes that crossed the great Sahara desert. Then there came a day when the sailors came to Spain and Portugal opened future sea routes all along the Atlantic. That was the end of an era and the beginning of a new one.

  • FFCi pen is subject of a collection of several designs that may be found in various military camps positioned in Africa. The mask clip will differ according to the military camp.

  • Of all time, the mask is universally known to be one of the human expressions used in a set of sacramental acts especially in Africa. In his sacred functions replace more artistic features "Montsnimba" wished to highlight.

  • Montsnimba sacredness is attached to the mask or the symbolism that it must express. It is the materialization of a supernatural spirit or ancestor of a. Whoever receives the piori is entrusted with the power and strength that it holds.

  • The Bocanda model of the Montsnimba collection dates back to a long history, that of the Ashanti or Baule weight once used as a standard and as currency in trade. The story goes back to the model that has suffered, over time, numerous technical changes today to get the desired result.

  • Among the pens of Montsnimba collection, the Bogolan Burkina model is the subject of a special feature. Its originality is the major ring crowning Africa. The pen becomes the unifying bond of all African states at a time when economic and political recognition of the continent has become undeniable and inescapable.

  • Gao pen been a collection of several models that may be found in various military camps positioned in Africa.The mask clip will differ according to the military camp. This pen is available in roller, ball point and thik point.

  • The touba pen refers to the Tribal Art Dioula. These traders from North Africa and the Orient. Among the best-known personalities Dioula, reference is made to Samori Ture who was one of the greatest ones resistant to colonization.

  • Calao model refers to the Tribal Art Malian. The clip is not just a mask. This is a very detailed composition that refers to Calao, very symbolic bird, not only in Mali but in many other countries of West Africa

  • The presence of Koulango in Cote d'Ivoire dates back more than 2000 years. They are present in the North East of the country mainly Bouna and Bondoukou around. Their culture is very rich for both masks to statuettes.

  • The Issia model is the subject of a new experience. We have called the Danane because this municipality has spectacular scenery.

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The hallmark of quality Monts Nimba

More than a logo, company brand has its place in a punch placed on top of the lid. This stamp is in the form of silver and gold plating, which is quietly but surely fits into the pen for advertising a real alternative means of artistic expression. The logo is covered by a transparent dome that blends with the shape of the pen.

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